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March 17, 2013

Starry Dreamer

Text by Shreya Shah. Photograph by Tejal Pandey.

From theatre she moved to doing advertisements for leading brands and diverse roles in the movies. Ankita Srivastava, whose Life is Good was showcased at the South African Film Festival, is on a roll

Twenty-three-year-old Ankita Srivastava has all the conviction and confidence – characteristics of a young girl who is on a roll.

Theatre gave her, her first curtain call. She recalls, “I have never suffered from stage-fright. It’s getting me off the stage that has been the problem, as my college friends will tell you. I don’t remember attending a single day of my college post lunch because I would run for my theatre rehearsals. I didn’t attend placements at my college during my final year of engineering either.” She has worked with Divya Palat’s Darpan Theatre Group.

Advertisements for leading brands like Cadbury, Parryware, Kotak, Safi, Nokia, McDonald’s, Domino’s and more brought her into the limelight. And she bagged the lead role in Life is Good! a film by national-award winning director, Anant Mahadevan. The sweet father-daughter tale is currently touring international film festivals. She is also proud of her work in Gangoobai, which recently showcased at MAMI.

When asked what the USP of her acting talent is, she states, “I write down the character sketch in a diary, and while doing that I lock myself in a room. But the time when I really shut myself off is a few minutes before a scene if it demands that kind of emotion. Otherwise, spontaneity is the way to go for me.”

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