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October 26, 2015

Verve Wedding Diaries #11: 16 Sensational Wrist Sparklers

Text by Simone Louis

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires…we’ve decided not to be too fussy about choosing a best friend this wedding season

Another feathered marvel, the High Jewelry Plume Secret Watch is a cuff bracelet and watch, both in one, accented by a diamond feather hovering over the centre. When pressed, it reveals a secret dial paved with pink baguette sapphires. The white-gold case is snow-set with 2,319 brilliant-cut diamonds, while pink sapphires wind their way around the bracelet.

A 51.13-carat opal with flashes of blue and green takes centre stage in the Aten High Jewellery Secret Hour Watch, named after an ancient Egyptian god. Set with 470 brilliant-cut and 50 baguette-cut diamonds, the cuff is made of jointed links in the shape of a crescent kokoshnik, the traditional Russian headdress, the potential of which Cartier began exploring in sparkling jewellery back in 1900.

Launched in celebration of the watchmaker’s 150th anniversary, the Star 33mm is characterised by a feminine cushion-shaped case with graduated white diamonds. The skills of an engraver, an enamellist and a gem-setter combine to achieve the delicate, off-centred floral composition on the dial.

Ten years after the launch of the very first Big Bang timepiece, the Big Bang Unico “10 Years” Haute Joaillerie is raising the bar. It features 653 baguette diamonds and a bezel set with invisible inverted trapezium diamonds. Three of the most complex setting techniques have been used for this timepiece — invisible, Clou de Paris and rail setting.

The Lady 8 Shiny brings with it an air of sumptuousness, playing on curves for the woman who values the sensuality of time. The timepiece remains faithful to the original shape of the symbolic Lady 8, while displaying extraordinary gem-setting expertise. It features a swarm of grey gold and diamonds, as well as a moving white gold ball-bearing at the top, set with 146 diamonds

A jewelled interpretation of a classic collection, the Imperiale 36mm Joaillerie asserts itself as the natural choice for the bold woman. The glamorous white gold and diamond case is complemented by a shimmering Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial, which changes colour with the change in light. The highlight: the rich material has been engraved, in the central disc, with the hallmark arabesque figures of the Imperiale jewellery line.

Slightly more subtle in appearance, the Day Night distinguishes itself by the fine craftsmanship of its disc and its technical innovation. The artistic techniques used in its creation include la décalque, le champlevé and le marquetage, and the gradations in the color blue were achieved by deposits upon the mother-of-pearl dial. The moon is composed of 50 diamonds and the sun is fashioned with 50 yellow sapphires, while several yellow mother-of-pearl dots and 14 diamonds represent the stars.

Embodying a cultural bridge between engineering and the arts, the Malte Tourbillon High Jewellery blends the magic of horology with the mystery of gem-setting. Dressed in 418 baguette diamonds, the watch twinkles in the light, right from its crown to the emblematic Maltese cross.

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