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November 23, 2016

6 Curated Boxes For Those Who Like Unpredictable Gifts

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

From jams to stationery, founders tell you exactly what goes into the making of the perfect present


The inception: Founder Niralee Shah grasped that while there was a nascent market for curated gifts, options for attractive packaging  were relatively nonexistent. She realised that the urban folk were big on how presents looked on the outside and decided to specialise in both curated gifting, and more importantly, packaging.

Why you should choose them: Whether you are in need of the perfect gift for a bridal shower, an anniversary or even a corporate event,  they tailor make every element of the gift. You can source everything from their shopping guide – right from the confectionery to your preference of wrapping paper. They also do a pretty neat job on gift tags where they take the vibe of the occasion into account while designing one.

Quirkiest creations: “Bachelor hampers can be quite tricky because there is a very thin line between stimulating and sleazy. When we received a request to put one together, we were extremely careful about the little details. The box was carved out of wood and adorned with a black bow tie. The personalised tag read ‘Dude, will you be my best man?’ so that the groom’s intentions were clear at the outset. The contents of the bag included a Jack Daniel’s miniature whiskey bottle, an Hermès perfume and Cuban cigars among other similar paraphernalia. The groom later told us that that it was one of the best nights of his life!”

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