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November 23, 2016

6 Curated Boxes For Those Who Like Unpredictable Gifts

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

From jams to stationery, founders tell you exactly what goes into the making of the perfect present


The inception: An undying love for stationery prompted founder Pushkar Thakur to create little boxes of happiness for people with similar interests. He started his graphic design studio 11 years ago, so it was a natural extension to doing something he was great at. He also felt that there was a strange wistfulness to well-presented stationery which brought back memories of lost arts like letter writing and sending postcards.

Why you should choose them: They are the first and only company to provide a stationery subscription service. Coming from a technical background means the company has perfected design, setting them miles ahead of their competitors. From choice of paper to binding – even the width between lines – every aspect has been studied and rendered meticulously. Shoppers also flock to them for their use of sustainable papers and the subtlety with which everything is put together.

Quirkiest creations: “Once we received a request from a girl who wanted an all-black gift box for her Scandinavian boyfriend. We didn’t understand the penchant for only-black products; it was probably an inside joke between them. It was quite a task to put together, but in the end he loved it, she loved it and most of all, we loved it!

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