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May 22, 2009

The Gourmet’s Progress

Text by Roopa Barua and Sona Bahadur

Lychee-glazed lobster by the Arabian Sea. Exquisite crème brûlées laced with zesty kazi lemons. Cucina Italiana savoured in a lavish Renaissance ambience. Delectable tapas and finos followed by fine Catalonian cuisine. Verve sample four creative new gourmet experiences guaranteed to please the epicure in you

May 20, 2009

The Other America

Text by Supriya Nair and Sohiny Das

South America’s super six beckon with promises of adventure, history, nature and culture. Verve blueprint the route to a fashionably rocking time

Amitabh Nanda, Actor and Ad Man
May 18, 2009

New kid on the blog

Text by Supriya Nair

Amitabh Nanda, actor and ad man, takes to writing

Adam Pushkin, British Council

Adam’s World

Text by Supriya Nair

Adam Pushkin of the British Council is on a creative mission

Shraddha Kadakia, Automotive Photography

Feminine Frames

Text by Mamta Badkar

Shraddha Kadakia is steering the wheel with her automotive photography

Ekta Puri, Hotelier

Ladies of Luxe

Text by Sohiny Das. Photographed by Kaustav Saikia. Styling by Sohiny Das. Make-up and hair courtesy: Reshma Sambtani, Juice Salon, Kolkata.

In a bungalow bari live babus in starched dhutis. And tant sari-clad boudis with big red bindis – their house keys jingling jangling in harmony with the clink of bangles. Tradition, culture, Rabindrasangeet and paan. All this is still Kolkata, but there is also the modern, urban, cosmopolitan side. Verve and Louis Vuitton present the glamorous side of Kolkata – ladies who lunch, wine and dine. Verve learns more about their work, travels, spa addictions, indulgent husbands, canine appreciation, adult babysitting and wardrobe envy over many a tête-à-tête

Stylish Women PR Entrepreneurs

PR-adigm Shift

Text by Sona Bahadur. Photographs by Nilesh Acharekar

Substance over spin. PR beyond press. Web 2.0-based tools. A group of young, dynamic and stylish women PR entrepreneurs with uniquely creative approaches to communications are revolutionising the boutique space of lifestyle PR by pushing typical boundaries. Key agents of awareness and change, they’re playing a vital role in connecting and shaping New India by innovating media solutions and building strong brand identities. Verve explores their lives in PR as well as the PR in their lives, zooming in on how they live, dress, work and play

Shruti Pathak, Mar Javan
May 12, 2009

Killer Vocals

Text by Eva Pavithran

Shruti Pathak, the voice behind Mar Javan, is a singer to watch

Abhishek Kapoor, Actor, Rock On!!

One rocking voyage

Text by Mamta Badkar. Photograph by Joy Datta

After forgettable forays on screen and an unremarkable directorial debut, Abhishek Kapoor is riding high on the success wave of Rock On!! Talking awards, his collaboration with Farhan Akhtar and his aspirations, Verve finds the director living out his rock anthem Sinbad the Sailor as he continues to follow his passions and navigate untried waters

Arjun Mathur, Actor, Assistant Director

Lucked Out

Text by Supriya Nair

Arjun Mathur steps out from behind the camera into the limelight