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Day 3, Featured, Films, Jio MAMI Film Festival, MAMI 2017, Movies, Online Exclusive, Reviews, The Florida Project, Wonderstruck
October 15, 2017

An adaption of Brian Selznick’s popular book 'Wonderstruck' and a film about a single mother, her daughter and their friends living in poverty in a motel in America
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Anukul, Chhuri, Day 2, Death of a Father, Featured, Films, Jio MAMI Film Festival, Juice, Large Short Films, MAMI 2017, Movies, Online Exclusive, Quest, Reviews
October 14, 2017

Four short films by distinguished directors and the official selection of Sundance Film Festival shot over a period of 10 years
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Featured, Films, Jio MAMI Film Festival, Le Jeune Karl Marx, MAMI 2017, Movies, Online Exclusive, Reviews, The Party

Presenting a clash of the potent and the pretentious and how to wade through it
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Evgeny Bushkov, Sir Karl Jenkins, The Symphony Orchestra of India
September 13, 2017

Eminent artiste Jenkins and resident conductor Bushkov perform for The Symphony Orchestra of India this season in Mumbai
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Jessica Lee, TV Series, Netflix, Video Streaming,

Jessica Lee, vice president of communications, Netflix Asia, tells us about online properties overtaking the television in the race to win the crown for video content
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Sooni Taraporevala with Amir and Manish, Yeh Ballet
August 25, 2017

The award-winning screenwriter's VR documentary film, Yeh Ballet, chronicles a heart-warming tale in all its 360-degree glory
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mountain echoes literary festival 2017, bhutan, thimphu

Festival producer Mita Kapur reveals the Himalaya’s best-kept secret
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Anand Express, Aadyam Theatre, Akarsh Khurana, Carl Miller, Ostrich Boys,

Adapted from Keith Gray’s Ostrich Boys, Akarsh Khurana's play is all about coming of age and coping with loss....
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Dangal, Bollywood, Indian Cinema, Aamir Khan
June 19, 2017

From being the setting for songs and dances to becoming a pivotal part of plots, the depiction of sports in Hindi cinema has changed dramatically...
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Rahul Ram, Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA)

From being the mouthpiece of the freedom struggle to securing a firm spot in the current indie scene, we trace the journey of protest music
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Plastic Paradise, Documentaries, World Environment Day,

These movies will awaken the conscientious side of you on World Environment Day...
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Konkona sen sharma, a death in the gunj

“I used to ask my father to tell me this story over and over again…”
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