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Lubna Chowdhary, British artist

Inspired by varied global cultural influences, British artist Lubna Chowdhary brings them to life through her ceramic creations
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Elissa Patel, San Francisco-based artist
March 26, 2018

The San Francisco-based artist Elissa Patel seeks to break barriers that surround the world of art, even as she gives free rein to her creativity
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Priyanka Kochhar, Biker
March 22, 2018

"I enjoy how people gape with open mouths when I go on rides or races; it’s like flipping through a comic book!"
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Anam Hashim, Biker
March 21, 2018

"The important thing is to steel yourself against criticism because you’ve embarked on the road less travelled”
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Ashok Ferrey, builder, personal trainer and writer

Known for his uncanny sense of humour, Ashok Ferrey is many things to many people — builder, personal trainer and writer. We spend a balmy Colombo afternoon indulging in a freewheeling chat with one of Sri Lanka’s most adored authors
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Chef Vikas Khanna

The exhibition space will house kitchenware including utensils dating back to as long ago as the Harappan era and many more artefacts that showcase India’s vast culinary history
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