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Trupti Amritwar Vaitla

Quality Controllers: Trupti Amritwar Vaitla

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photograph by Joshua Navalkar

Stepping into a demanding realm of work, they have harnessed technology to develop and reinvent urban topographies. In the first of a three part series, Trupti Amritwar Vaitla tells Verve about her innovative planning methods for optimising the potential of a city
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Shrima Rai, Digital Influencer

The Instagram influencer invites us to explore the little haven that she has created for herself and her sons, which allows them to remain within a 10-minute radius of their Bandra ecosystem, as they navigate food stores, hair salons, coffee shops and outdoor parks in the area….
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Aishwarya Tipnis, Architect

Driven by a deep-rooted fondness for historical structures, Aishwarya Tipnis has built a career in urban conservation and planning, consistently adding to her impressive portfolio of projects that span the country. In an interaction with Verve, the ‘cultural diplomat’ talks about reconciling an appreciation of the past with her vision of the future
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Amrita Kaur, Food blogger and certified Ayurveda nutrition consultant

Ayurveda Consultant Amrita Kaur Tries On Medicinal Textiles

Text by Rushmika Banerjee. Photographs by Pretika Menon. Styling by Ojas Kolvankar. Hair and Make-Up by Eshwar Log

Food blogger and certified Ayurveda nutrition consultant Amrita Kaur shares her insights about healthy living as she tries on soothing separates from three mindful designers who have introduced the concept of ayur vastra, into their clothing
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Simin Patel, Hashim Badani, Bombaywalla

Simin Patel And Hashim Badani Walk Us Through Mumbai’s Often-Overlooked Spaces

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Photographs by Shweta Desai. Hair by Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa. Make-Up by Ayesha Qureshi at Make-Up Designory

As redevelopment and construction projects cast a dusty haze over an already-unrecognisable Mumbai, Simin Patel, founder of walking tours company Bombaywalla, and photographer Hashim Badani are determined not to lose sight of the small hidden gems that gave Mumbai its original, distinct character.
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Sanjeev Churiwala, hairman, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

How Cricket Is Becoming Sustainable: Sanjeev Churiwala

Text by Snehal Pradhan. Illustration by Kashmira Sarode

Cricket — perhaps the ground sport most affected by weather conditions and consequently climate change — is in danger of muddying its legacy thanks to a showy capitalistic 21st-century avatar, which poses a threat to the same environmental stability it counts on. In the last of a four part series Verve speaks with Sanjeev Churiwala who is championing sustainable practices to ensure that, moving forward, spectators can expect a clean game
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