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Kerala, Anita Nair

A Matter Of Roots

Text by Anita Nair

While other festivals have to do with personal prosperity and family reunions, the pooram or temple festival is about community and how deep your roots are sunk into Kerala, describes Anita Nair
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Bomb blasts, Ravaging Riots, Faceless terror, Fascist Forces, Mumbai

A City Stripped

Text by Rahul Bose. Illustration by Pria Agni

Bomb blasts and ravaging riots…faceless terror and fascist forces.... Over the years, Mumbai – India’s commercial capital and the nerve centre of the country – has been traumatised by violent acts that have shaken its sturdy spirit and filled its denizens with an unnamed fear. Actor and concerned citizen, Rahul Bose, wonders why we do not raise hell
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Mumbai, Delhi, Fashion Weeks

The Battle Of The Cities

Text by Nabanita Dutt. Illustrations by Pria Agni

Mumbai showed off its glamour quotient and the green bucks.... Delhi flaunted the big designers and the foreign buyers. Two cities and two more Fashion Weeks later, the great battle – to crown the real fashion capital of India – continues, observes Verve
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