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April 04, 2018

Excess Baggage!: It’s All In The Bag

Photographed by Munsif Molu. Styling by Nikhil D. Assisted by Yvonne Monteiro and Mridu Gupta. Model courtesy: Rachel Bayros. Hair by Sonam Singh Solanki, Anima Creative Management

Prints, stripes and checks weave a mystical journey with a glamorous ready-to-wear accessory — the incredibly versatile, high quality handbag. From totes to slings, duffles to rucksacks, carry your world on your shoulders
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Fashion, Get The Look, Vijit Gupta, Chandni Bahri
February 14, 2018

Welcome A Glamorous Groundswell This Spring

Photographed by Vijit Gupta. Styling by Chandni Bahri. Make-up and hair by Rosario Belmonte, Anima Creative Management. Models Courtesy: Tashi Pedy, Anima Creative Management. Marcelina Anna, Inega Model Management

In a free-spirited, relaxed mode reminiscent of days replete with poetry and music, revive the warm colours and punchy prints of the nonchalant maverick...
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Sushant Kadam, Fashion, Get The Look
January 25, 2018

Welcome Spring With These Cascading Silhouettes

Photographed by Sushant Kadam. Styling by Nikhil D. Assisted by Yvonne Monteiro and Jill Lalka. Make-up by Riviera Lynn, Hair by Sonam Singh. Both from Anima Creative Management. Model courtesy: Naomi Janumala, Anima Creative Management. Kiyara Singh, Inega Model Management

Slide into the free-flowing comfort of a playful mix of loose knits, plaids and pleats...
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Festive Glam, Fashion, Beauty, Get The Look
December 23, 2017

Festive Glam: Step Out Looking Flawless

Photographed by Prateek Patel

Festive afternoons call for palettes drenched in champagne tones, rose-golds and pastels
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December 19, 2017

Work It: Nail The Comfy Yet Cool Look

Photographed by Sushant Chhabria. Styling by Nidhi Jacob. Assisted by Divya Bavalia. Make-Up and Hair by Kritika Gill. Muse: Gitanjali Dang

Hard days at work take on a relaxed feel with soft layers, striking textiles and soothing textures. Comfort dressing gently eases into contemporary cool
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These Designers’ Organic Ensembles Will Help You Connect With Your Conscience

Photographed by Abhay Singh. Styling by Divyak D’souza. Assisted by Zenia Daruvala, Riddhi Vartak and Keyuri Sangoi. Model Courtesy: Riya Sisodia, Inega Model Management. Make-Up by George Kritikos; Hair by Franco Vallelonga; Both from Faze Model Management

Align your style sensibilities with their edgy and exceptionally conscientious philosophies
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