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Waswo X. Waswo, Blitzvin of Batanrush

Through an unexpected twist of fortune, humble art student Blitzvin of Batanrush morphs into the darling of the art circuit. Exclusively for Verve, Waswo X. Waswo pens a humorous short story that gives a glimpse into the workings of the world of colours and canvases
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Kiran Manral author chick-lit All Aboard book bookclub interview
September 03, 2015

Quick 14 with Kiran Manral

Text by Zaral Shah and Natasha Sahjwani

Out with her latest book All Aboard, author Kiran Manral talks romance, go-to reads and love in the contemporary setting
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Anjum Hasan The Cosmopolitans
August 17, 2015

A humungous artwork, swirling conversations, boisterous laughter and more....Verve presents an exclusive glimpse into award-winning author Anjum Hasan’s work of fiction that is releasing this month
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Rupa Gulab, Fiction
June 21, 2015

The Bag Lady

Illustration by Salil Sojwal

Togged up in a body-fitting dress, Priya makes an appearance at a well-attended shenanigan. Taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of bags and baubles, author Rupa Gulab pens an exclusive short story for Verve
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Laxmi Hariharan, Award-winning author, The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer, The Destiny of Shaitan
April 21, 2015

Sophie and the Black Box

Illustrations by Salil Sojwal

Intrigued by her inheritance from her grandmother, the protagonist travels halfway across the world to discover unknown truths about her namesake’s past. Award-winning author, Laxmi Hariharan pens an exclusive short story for Verve
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Saskya Jain, Author, Fire Under Ash

My Mother’s Missiles

Illustration by Salil Sojwal

As their mother Ananti runs her home on a tight leash, – her hand is ever ready to pinch or slap – Aradhana, along with her brother, takes her discipline in her stride, sometimes questioning her mindless diktats. Author Saskya Jain, whose Fire Under Ash released last year, pens an exclusive short story for Verve – a tale that is enlivened by moments that break the routine
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