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January 17, 2020

Anxiety and stress at the workplace can be crippling, particularly in today’s high-pressure corporate culture. And the stigma around men...
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Verve Trendsetters

The Pinwheel Project,
Four women entrepreneurs come together to create a...
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Vaibhav Lodha, FTcash
In conversation with Harvard alumnus, 2016 Acumen Fellow...
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Kanika Jain, Kanelle, Indian designer, fashion label
The designer's inventive manipulation of fabrics and modern...
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Advaeita Mathur, Creative Head, Studio Metallurgy
Ethical workmanship, clean lines and a conceptually-driven approach...
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The fresh list, Ritesh agarwal
Ritesh Agarwal's venture successfully took the guesswork and...
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The fresh list, Aditi chauhan
Aditi Chauhan, who also secured a spot in...
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Manjul, Cartoonist
October 09, 2019

The perks of cyber popularity can undoubtably be intoxicating, but they are exponentially rewarding when you leverage the web to engage in constructive social criticism and open up dialogues. Read about the first of Verve’s follow list of eight prolific posters who are leaving a legacy that goes beyond the likes…
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September 27, 2019

Her Instagram captions – wittily concise or an expertly selected emoji – present an intriguing combination of millennial insouciance with profundity that is beyond her years. The enigmatic yet instantly relatable Sobhita Dhulipala’s inner self emerges as Richa Kaul Padte peels back the layers of everyone’s new favourite ‘webtertainment’ celebrity, on the heels of the actor’s upcoming Netflix release, Bard of Blood
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Kai Schultz, Journalist
September 12, 2019

Six creative nomads — who, between them, can call home the global, multicultural communities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Goa — all share a meaningful New York connection. They discuss city swapping and street smarts as Verve asks them about belonging, identity and home…
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Satyajit Ray
September 03, 2019

Master auteur Satyajit Ray is remembered as a director, music composer, translator and writer. His artistic identity, however, is relatively lesser-known outside of Bengal, where his illustrations and design work have left a lasting impression. His futuristic aesthetic and disruptive style add a most nuanced layer of narrative to his rich corpus that continues to remain relevant across age groups and cultures even more than half a century later
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Francois Gramoli, creative director, WeWork India, speaks about how they believe in transforming buildings into environments.
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Aditi Agrawal, Anjali Menon, Gudgudee
August 13, 2019

Designer duo Aditi Agrawal and Anjali Menon’s studio, Gudgudee, develops recreational areas and products to help make our metros more child-friendly, one playground at a time....
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Trupti Doshi
August 12, 2019

Stepping into a demanding realm of work, they have harnessed technology to develop and reinvent urban topographies. In the last of a three-part series, Trupti Doshi tell Verve about their innovative planning methods for optimising the potential of Indian cities…
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