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Etiquette Nanny
January 06, 2015

Keeping Up With The Resolutions

The Etiquette Nanny answers all your questions about living the good life.

Besides not getting caught by the narcotics department and hitting the gym more than once in a year, the Etiquette Nanny gives you a list of 14 fail-free resolutions for a shiny New Year

1. Less cocktail parties. More fundraisers.

2. Embrace comfortable heels. Promise yourself that you will only buy those stilts unless you can actually run in them.

3. Stop hula-hooping while having lunch just so that you can beat your friend’s Fitbit score. Use the tracker sensibly, read: for the greater good of your body.

4. Get off Tinder. There is a needle-in-a-haystack chance that you may find true love on the hook-up app. And knowing one’s reputation, it’s hard to be an exception to the rule.

5. Learn to play Minesweeper. The first step is admitting that all you’ve been doing is clicking random boxes.

6. Give up the gluten-free diet unless it is medically proven that you are allergic to gluten.

7. Finish a chapstick. It is an achievement if you stick to one balm without losing it, or letting it roll into the black holes of your home.

8. Fortune cookies are not answers to life’s problems. Not even the ones on Facebook.

9. Accept that FWB is a legit thing. And so are gay marriages and LGBT-isms. Stop judging anybody for their life’s choices.

10. Take the stairs. Period.

11. Back up. Computer crashes are like the Malaysian Airlines. Anything can disappear…anytime.

12. Take a grammar check seriously. It’s high time you use commas sensibly, not just while singing ‘Comma’ Chameleon.

13. Tell people you love them. Not via text message.

14. In the eternal words of Baz Luhrmann, “always wear sunscreen”.

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